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I've had the opportunity to work on some really cool marketing projects. Here, I have included some of my favorite work over the years - these are real projects for real clients and they were really, really fun to work on.

August 2014 

With the rest of the summer internship team at Fresh Produce, we conceptualized, organized, and executed a breakdancing stunt in Downtown Sioux Falls to promote the Plain Green Conference.


We focused on the concept of walkability - a term coined by Plain Green 2014 keynote speaker Jeff Speck. In conjunction with Sioux Falls' 2025 Downtown Plan to promote a more walkable city, our team thought, why walk when you can dance?


As project manager, I focused on project budget, PR, client/vendor communication, schedules, and production. With only a month to finish, this was our biggest and most challenging project of the summer (but I think it was also our most successful).




July 2014


I was lucky to be able to work with two talented design interns at Fresh Produce, and together we gave the All Saints Neighborhood in Sioux Falls, South Dakota a logo and an identity.



Their board came to us with just a faint idea of what they wanted to see in a logo, but a strong sense of who they were as a community. After several meetings, we presented them with a set of logos designed by the intern team, and the neighborhood voted to decide their favorite.


My responsibilities for this project included scheduling, crafting client documents, and client communication.



August 2014


Our final project as interns at Fresh Produce involved organizing a gallery reception at Fresh Produce's own Ipso gallery. The team created all the promotional artwork - again, it was great working alongside such talented design interns.


My duties for the gallery opening involved scheduling, artist/vendor communication, copywriting, interviewing, and PR. This gallery invitational brought together five of Fresh Produce's favorite artists in celebration of the agency's 10th anniversary, so it was an honor to be a part of such a special show.



May 2015


My most recent marketing endeavor has been a massive labor of love. As an art major at Augustana College, our final task was to plan and execute a senior art show. I played a role in this project by designing a poster and writing a press release. Before the gallery opening, a few of the other art majors and I were stuck wondering how we could get the Augustana College student body more interested in our senior show.


We tried to increase involvement the best way we knew how - by making art. So Rebecca Sunde (her website) and I designed, screenprinted - by hand! - and distributed almost 1,700 one-of-a-kind print invitations to every single student on campus to promote the Augustana College senior art show. If that doesn't get people excited about art, I don't know what will.



I've landed at Sojern - a leader in digital marketing for the travel industry - and I love it. I'm on the account management team helping service our west coast clients (think Las Vegas hotels/entertainment). Working at a fast-paced advertising company with awesome coworkers plus happy hour every Friday? Sign me up.

Still looking for more? Check out my complete resume here.

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