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For a lot of us, 2020 is an unprecedented year. COVID-19 has brought the global community to its knees and forced many of us into a state of isolation that we've never known.

Until the city of San Francisco issued a "shelter in place" mandate, I didn't realize how often I am in the presence of good company. I go to work in an office with people I really enjoy, I have a close knit group of friends that I see on a regular basis. Social distancing has left me feeling disconnected.

I kicked off this series with my sister Lauren - her college had just suspended classes and I had been mandated to work from home indefinitely. We needed to connect and we needed something to look forward to.

The premise is simple: two people create a common thread of inspiration (a shared playlist, a song, a word or phrase, etc.). In isolation, they create a piece of work inspired by the common thread. My medium of choice is paint, but the series is by no means bound or confined by this medium.

This is the kind of stuff that gets me up in the morning. This is therapy, joy, and hope. I hope it brings the same to you.

How can I get involved? Message me! I'm planning to create work as long as I'm social distancing and as long as others want to create with me.

All works in this series are for sale, and for any work sold 50% will be donated to local businesses that have been forced to close their doors during this period. Message me for any purchase inquiries.

I understand that this is an uncertain financial time for many of us, so message me if you would be interested in purchasing a small postcard of these works for a much smaller price - there is limited postcard availability for select works, but 100% of profits from postcard sales will be donated.

Social Distance 1 | Lauren
Social Distance 2 | Kelsey
Social Distance 3 | Tufan
Social Distance 4 | Nick
Social Distance 5 | Jocelyn + Natalie
Social Distance 6 | Nebula
Social Distance 7 | Kali
Social Distance 8 | Bianca
Social Distance 9 | Alex
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